Goodbye, 2023! Celebrating Changelly’s 2023 Milestones

December is always a great time to take a moment and look back at everything you’ve done in the past year — and Changelly has achieved quite a lot in 2023. We want to thank you, our users, and our amazing team for helping us achieve our goals this year. Let’s have an even better 2024!

Listed 150+ New Cryptocurrencies

This year, we have listed Paypal USD (PYUSD), Pepe (PEPE), Tenup (TUP), and many more cryptocurrencies that have been trending in the market throughout the year. Next year, we will list and work with even more amazing projects!

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Introduced Our Crash Course

Changelly has always been dedicated to making the crypto experience as smooth as possible for both beginners and experienced users. In 2023, we updated our FAQ and launched our very own Crypto Crash Course! It is filled with all the information you need to know to start or continue your crypto journey, presented in a fun and engaging way.

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Welcomed Changelly Pay

2023 was also marked by us welcoming the newest member of our ecosystem — Changelly Pay. It is a great solution that enables our partners to accept 80+ cryptocurrencies with low fees and instant settlement. If you have your own business or platform, contact us — we can help you set up easy-to-use and streamlined crypto payments!

Changelly Pay

Celebrated Three Major Events

Although we do large-scale events for our anniversary, Halloween, and Christmas every year, the celebrations felt extra special in 2023. We had much fun preparing various quizzes, riddles, and even Easter egg hunts for you — and we are really happy to see that you enjoyed them, too. Let’s have even grander celebrations next year!

Launched Changelly App Stories

The Changelly app is our joy and pride, and this year, we made it even better! In 2023, we launched stories — a great feature for delivering the latest news about the crypto market and our platform, announcing new listings, sharing tips, and more! Have you already checked them out?

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Made It Even Easier to Start Using Changelly

As a platform that focuses a lot on education and making crypto more accessible, we want new users to have as easy of a time as possible when using Changelly for the first time. This past year, we’ve made many improvements to our onboarding process.

Started the Refer a Friend Campaign

Referral programs are a great way to reward our active users. This year, we took it to the next level with our Refer a Friend campaign. Have you already considered introducing your friends to Changelly?

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Freshened Up Our UI

UI is definitely a big part of every user’s experience, so we are always working on improving ours. In 2023, we updated the UI of both our app and website. Did you like it?

Have you achieved any important milestones this year? Please tell us about them in the comments below! We’d also love to hear about your plans for 2024. 

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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